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Strategic Leadership Resume Templates PackageThis package has been compiled by the writers at United Publishing and meet our minimum standards. The documents which have detailed instructions include an explanation on each section required. Package includes Strategic Leadership Resume (also including formats for Individual Company Leadership stories as well as a Broad Leadership Journey specifically for use in interviews, Pre and Post Strategic Interviews Summaries, various Cover Letters, Investigative Letter etc. Please allow 12 hours post-purchase for United Publishing to email package through. Check your junk mail if not received after 12 hours. Please speak with your recruiter or agent if advice is then needed in completing documents; United Publishing provides no advice. Add 10% VAT to purchase price. Price in USD. This purchase is non-refundable. Up will rebate cost to candidate from placement fee secured on placing candidate into new role. $ 399
Strategic Leadership ResumeUp will outsource your strategic leadership resume compilation (and initial marketing documents and Bio if requested) to an external panel of approved writers we have personally trained in masterfully crafting leadership resumes. Based your requirements and our strategic input we will intimately instruct a writer on what's required to overcome objections, sell your leadership, expertise in growing businesses and your ROI in this complete strategic resume package. Turnaround time 3 to 7 business days. 100% Rebate applies on paid placement. No refunds are available. All prices are in USD. $ 799
Up Membership Career Transition (Employer Sponsored) Members onlyIncludes 12 months of Executive Agency support for job seekers where an employer is willing to cover the costs of our program. Add 10% GST. Price in AUD. Includes Australian opportunities only.$ 9,990
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*All prices are in USD. Includes 2 amendments. Must add GST. Product or instructions on accessing services purchased will be emailed. Please add candidateservices@upexecutiveagents.com to your safe email list. Check junkmail box if email not received.No refunds apply to any purchases. Resume cost is rebated in full on paid placement. All product purchases are provided and delivered by and processed through our US Business, Up Executive Agents & Search LLC.